3-year-old scrawls on furniture cushions, mom embroiders them


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Heirloom furniture as an unintended consequence.


This couch is a monument to your defacing it. Every date you bring as a teenager will sit on this seat, hear the story and see your shame!


Cool! I enjoyed this post.

I was going to say, that’s not just a stick figure, that’s a skeleton—and indeed, in the linked post by Austin Kleon, he links to another post of his that tells how his son draws many, many “x-rays” (as the son calls skeletons). I like how the son has really abstracted it to just a few lines that take it from stick figure to skeleton—truly capturing the essence in an economy of form.

It appears that the cushions are on some outdoor furniture—I imagine that may possibly have made it easier for the parents to take a lighthearted approach.


No, I think the artist chose the outdoor furniture to make a statement regarding the fact that we truly wear our insides on the outside. Afterall, it wasn’t a skeleton within the house of its body but the body - this case the house - was eschewed for the naked baring of oneself to the world and, in the end, to merely be sat upon, a fitting commentary for the triteness of the modern dialectic.


You missed using “zeitgeist” and “paradigm”.


I like the idea but the sofa stinks. All those steel bars. That’s a nightmare for toddlers. It might look cool in a hister apartment but not good for a small child.


Genius! I love shit like this :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s the kid trying to warn them about skeleton-person he keeps seeing in the yard…


Great! It reminds me of a recent parent that framed a drawing that their kid made on their wall: https://mymodernmet.com/kids-drawing-on-wall-framed-by-parents/


Very nice use of lampshading!


It reminds me of the Oblique Strategy: “Honor thy error as a hidden intention.”

Yet again, a weakness gets touted as a feature.



”error as a hidden intention”

pretty much Trump’s entire political ouvre, n’est-ce pas?



fantastic post!


When the child grows up with no limits and is arrested for drug usage, they’ll shadow-box the crack pipe, hypodermic needle and spoon.


Something similar:



When my then-four-year-old son drew a happy face on our new futon he actually signed his name to it. The kid couldn’t even try for basic deniability.


In my experience, lack of deniability in no way impedes a four-year-old’s denials.


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