Watch these two dogs, best friends, catch up on a video call while socially distanced

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I love how angry the dog looks about having to speak over the phone. Those are some serious angry eyebrows.


I was expecting a video of two dogs sniffing butts.


That is so husky.


A husky moved in about a month ago, so small that I thought it might be a tiny dog that looks like a husky. But it is, and hadn’t got all its shots yet, so Pokey has to keep a distance.

Pokey has suffered this past year. He wants to go out, but I don’t think it’s about exercise. The hope of finding dropped food, and meeting other dogs. Even in the best of times, some people have crossed the street when they see us (I admit it might be me), but it happens a lot more now. One of the few times he wags his tail now is when he gets close to another dog. But it’s the people, not the dogs. We see them tugging, wanting to come close. One did, and then he looked to me, and when I patted him, he pressed hard against my.leg, in a friendly way.

Dogs are social even if sometimes they yawn when they get close. And they miss that in Pandemic Times.



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