Watch this 1960s pitch reel for Sesame Street

It was 1969-77. So, lots of cocaine and working as backup keyboards for the Allman Brothers.


I had the good fortune of growing up when it began and watched it from the beginning. Sesame Street (and the Electric Company) turned me into a lifelong learner and reader. Far from the assertion made here that it created a generation of kids who can only handle commercial length stuff, I devour novels and long-form media. I just finished Bill Bryson’s excellent (if a touch out of date now) A Short History of Everything, because science was one of my first loves.

Sesame Street was a net good for the world. I stand by that comment, and all the research bears it out.


Let’s have the DJ Food extended Remix too

I met Strictly Kev from DJ Food around the time this was released, he was trying to make a compilation of the best music from Sesame Street, but it disappeared into rights hell.


Have there been studies to that effect? Serious question, because the articles I’ve read about Sesame Street over the decades all mentioned studies that showed the opposite outcome.

In contrast, and to @Melizmatic’s point above, there seem to be a lot of papers over just the past ten years showing the effects you describe (shortened attention span, lack of concentration) can result from regular use of social media platforms and apps. This is a typical example:

I suspect this is why Silicon Valley tech execs are more likely to let their young children watch Sesame Street than they are to hand them the products their own industry designs for other people’s kids.




Vunn… ah-hah-hah! Too… ah-hah-hah! Three! Three taking a breather! Ah-hah-hah!
(thunder crashes in background)


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