Watch the pitch reel for Jim Henson's cyberpunk muppets TV series


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Also, FUCKING CYBERPUNK MUPPETS!!! Everyday we have to live without Jim Henson is a fucking tragedy.



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It’s a real shame that show didn’t get a chance to become the experimental playground Jim had intended. By the time they turned it into the Jim Henson Hour the segments that were originally supposed to be IN-TV had succumbed to the pressures of being more like the original Muppet Show. I wasn’t involved in that pilot shoot but came in when it had become the Hour. We still got to play with some cool tools and do some amazing things but it was all contained within the familiar format of the old show and that was disappointing. It could have been a really wild and eclectic mix of both mass entertainment and art - 80’s neon Ernie Kovacs with a lot of foam rubber. Ah well. We had fun.


This guy I know I’ve seen before.


I’d watch that.


Man. The 80’s were weird. I kinda wish I was an adult during that era.

Then I get to looking at the fashion, and I kinda back off on that resolve…


Pft you’ld be doing so much coke you would be fine with it.


Hey, it’s Paul Zaloom’s floating head! Aka Beakman!

Another fascinating pitch reel is for his Muppet-kids-in-space series Starboppers, with characters designed and puppeted by Henson and Ron Mueck.




I love Killing Joke in a way that I have no right to as someone born in '80.

Really, for that matter, the entire NWOBH.


I had the chance to meet Cheryl Henson a month or so ago, and she said that she’s been to the set of the new Dark Crystal series and it’s going to be amazing. She’s not working on that one herself, I believe it’s her brother Brian. All of his kids are doing their best to carry on his work.


This show had SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY written all over it.

I am disappoint.


Oh don’t be like that! I still wear Members Only jackets!


I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is that his kids care so much about his work and legacy.

@NickyG: That’s the wrong end of the decade. Where’s your mock turtle neck, mustard yellow everything and plaid? Don’t forget your Benetton sweaters!


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