Watch this 1986 report about house music on Chicago's local TV news

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I think more interesting is that the report seems fairly positive, honestly i was expecting the report to be poking fun at the new genre and saying that it’s a fad but pleasantly surprised it didn’t do any of that.

Also listening to those simple early beats is really something, and i’m digging the clothes in those B Rolls.


I was so into house as a teen. I still have many of these tracks on vinyl. My mum used to freak out about me listening to it as she believed all the dumb scare stories put out by the tabloids in the uk especially the ones around acid house. I wonder if any of those old albums are worth anything now as I still have mint copies of Chicago jackbeat vols one and two and Techno, the new dance sound of detroit. I still have some of the old Deep Heat compilation albums too.


I’m always impressed at how the British seem to pick up on American musical trends faster than Americans themselves in many cases.


Would be cool to post pics of your collection, but i would hope you’ve got some gems in there :slight_smile:

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I haven’t looked at or played any of them in years since my last turntable gave up the ghost so they have been put away in storage. I have been thinking of getting a new deck lately though as I have a ton of singles too that I would like to go through again. :slightly_smiling_face:


compilation albums probably not but 12" singles you may have some valuable stuff on your hands. There’s a site called where people buy and sell vinyl that you might want to take a look at.

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Thanks for the tip i’ll take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

that clip was good, so good. house music – the pinnacle of western culture.

you don’t hear much about sweet d, then or now. but his track “thank you” on trax is an absolute stormer. when the sheryl lynn piano comes in you are guaranteed screaming and arms in the air.

so, we see an akia 612, yamaha dx100, 727.

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