Watch this 9-year-old girl wield a sword like a boss

I guess it really depends on what she wants to do with those skills and what she’s being judged on. Being theatrical may not win bouts, but that’s not what she’s doing.


I agree. I was casting my handful of doubts on this particular form of martial art. Hey, now my hand is empty, how appropriate.

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It’s a performance. It’s cool.

It’s not meant to be practical and effective in a fight, any more than Bruce Lee’s high kicks in movies or Black Widow’s flying head scissors attack. It looks cool, though.

I don’t understand the urge to shout about how she’s not cool because she’s not as awesome as, for example, a poster who knows ALL ABOUT real sword fighting. This doesn’t reflect on your skills as a badass. In fact, this has nothing to do with you at all.


It’s, like, the worst kind of mansplainingest BS.


It’s not mansplaining, it’s digital shoulder shrugging. The headlines assertion of badassery opened the door for a debate about the martial practicality of costumed gymnastics.

The headline is “Watch this 9-year-old girl wield a sword like a boss”. Which she does.

Whether the fighting style would be successful in everyday use (I personally can’t walk to work without getting in two or three mêlée battles) is really pretty irrelevant.


And the rebuttal is that we watched a 9 year old wield a sword like a toy. If we were promised a 9 year old play the piano “like a boss” and all we got was a blistering rendition of chopsticks, I image the discussion would be pretty similar.

Finally watched this.

Only comment I have is that the Wadsworth Constant definitely applies.

Wait, does “doing something like a boss” mean doing it well?

I am so out of touch with the kids these days, I swear.


For refrence:


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