Watch this artist repaint a Barbie doll to look like Wonder Woman

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They actually have several nice figures for the new movie available. Also WW figures in the line of DC Super Hero Girls dolls.

And if you have the coin, super nice figures and statues from Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectables.

Actually I was thinking about this the other day as I saw some of the newer Walmart WW merchandise in the clearance isle. I’d encourage WW fans to grab a few of these and decorate your cube, den, kitchen table, etc. I suspect that while popular with many people across the board, I am betting the merchandise isn’t going to fair as well. A good part of toy sales go to kids, but another good part goes to collectors. Simply put there are a lot more adults buying Batman etc vs WW. Support this less traditional market if you like it and want it to keep going.

He estimates toy sales this year for Wonder Woman, strictly tied to the movie, will be about $100 million – less than many of the traditional male superhero tie-ins but still a significant amount of revenue.

Then there are the girl-oriented tie-ins, like Wonder Woman-branded cosmetics, jewelry and purses. The female Amazonian princess, with her golden lasso and sword, could earn up to $1 billion from global sales of licensed merchandise, said Karina Masolova, executive editor of The Licensing Letter, which tracks licensing revenue. That would put her ahead of Superman and on par with Batman, who gets an advantage from his assortment of weapons and vehicles.



I know there is a lot more than just figures, but I am focused on the figures. I collect mainly Star Wars, but it got me thinking that they CATER to adults with the Star Wars figures market. Or rather, they have streams that cater more to kids and more to adults.

I know super hero toys do too, to a degree. But it sort of pained me to see WW figures already on the clearance aisle at Walmart. Kids like what they like, and will ask for it. But I’d say the adult female market has huge potential and is largely untapped. If that sort of thing sorta floats your boat, snag one. You don’t have to go crazy like me and dedicate multiple shelves to it.


I got my wife a nice River Tam for her office. I hope it helped a little with the tech-bros.
If she dealt more directly with developers (here comes a stereotype) more people would maybe have noticed it.


FWIW, I went to Walmart online and saw several WW toys that were all at regular price, and a few odds snd ends that had been reduced. So a few pieces in a clearance bin doesn’t neccesarily mean that kids don’t want WW toys. As for the adult market, I also saw figures priced at 50.00 and up, and was shocked to see that one was priced at 450.00!

It’s still pretty early in the game, but I have a feeling that the toys will do pretty well, and as you said, it never hurts to support a franchise that you like.


I assume you clicked my link? Sideshow makes some amazing things. They also have a $2000 40" statue.

I just want some of the ~$200 Fetts.

It was just some of the figures, so yes, it could have been over ordered on certain ones, and others were on the shelf. Still, I was surprised because it came out not very long ago.

Yep, all I’m saying! :slight_smile:

I did check out your link, but I was referring to this DC Universe statue available online from Walmart, probably predating the movie merch, like a lot of the toys that were on sale. I didn’t realize Walmart offered specialty items like it.


TBH, I really want a figure of this version of Wonder Woman:

Oddly enough, we took my mom to see WW on the 4th,and were wandering a mall prior, and came across a store, that had her in the window. If it hadn’t been so expensive, I might have got the thing.

I’ve actually never read Superman: Red Son, but it sounds really interesting.


This is why the net is great. Both as a place to post this and learn from it.

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I think they branched out awhile ago and offer things that are technically put up and serviced by 3rd party vendors. Sorta like what Amazon does.

Aw that is cool!

I asked the kiddo if she was interested before seeing if it was even worth asking her mom, but at this point she didn’t have any interest in it.

Me neither! Yes, it does. I wonder if WW is in that story, or if someone just made a “Red Daughter” version.

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Huh - one of the figures I saw on clearance was the new DC Super Hero Girls. But it looks like that franchise is doing well. Good!


I like this one better than the official ones:

Before you mod, check to make sure that it’s not some limited edition collectable.

(Had a roommate who was a collector.)

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She is, according to the wikipedia page.

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<a href=>

(artistic credit to Craig John and John A. Short)

Which is not quite the same thing as the Wonder Woman in Red Son.

I think the influences are circular, and ongoing… but with Octobriana it can be hard to tell!

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