Wonder Woman dumped as UN Ambassador


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New ambassador: Batman.


"It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character
with an overtly sexualised image at a time when the headline news in
United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls.”

… so this was killed (presumably particularly) by people who thought they were helping women?


It’s a real shame. She didn’t have enough time to teach the world of man about loving submission.


I’m confused. Is she the epitome of feminist empowerment and a slutty tool of the patriarchy?


Basically, yes. Or - it depends upon whom one asks - as well as which portrayal of the character.


But the UN needs an ambassador who can chew through a gimp mask! That’s a very underrated superpower.


She’s so blatantly anti-French it hurts. NOT my ambassador!


What part of “fighting for your rights in her satin tights” did they not understand???


Easy - are my rights only valid then when I am wearing her tights? Or can I wear my own?


I think a lot of it is people having opposing views on Wonder Woman and BDSM. The classic Wonder Woman was all about teaching kids about standing up to wicked men and submitting to strong women, she was tied up often but always broke free of her shackles. The bondage element was always there in the Amazonian culture but it was always submission to a favorable mistress, where the submissive wanted to submit instead of being compliant to a hurtful one.


That’s awesome, but I wasn’t even talking about the rope. The UN part seems more important.

I am old.


The tone of the reporting on this one bothers me very much, because every place I’ve seen has reported it as “Wonder Woman was dumped because she has over-sexualised dress”.

Now, that’s true, and it’s a good reason… but it’s not what the petition I signed said, and it’s not why many feminists I know wanted her gone. Wonder Woman shouldn’t be a UN ambassador for women, even an honorary one, because she’s a fictional character.

It says something really worrying about gender roles that this was even considered. And something far scarier that this got so much coverage from media, when actual human ambassadors for women get so little. (Except when they’re already film stars.)

I mean, as a comic nerd I love the tribute… but come the fuck on. (It’s not like DC has been a sterling beacon of handling women well recently…)

The world is full of impressive and inspirational women. Wonder Woman’s OK, and she has form, but she’s no Malala Yousafzai. Let’s give the job to someone qualified.


Wish I could like this 10x. So tired of headlines like these and the resultant jokes about feminsts.


While I understand the reasons for not wanting her to be UN ambassador, I would say “choose your battles wisely”: this is the kind of thing that makes it easy for alt-right d-bags to mock SJW’s. “People are dying in Aleppo, and this is what you picketed the UN for?”

A fictional character being an honorary UN ambassador is about as important an issue as when a local legislature votes on an official state food.


Clearly. Everyone knows a true feminist superheroine would wear clothing that hid, as much as possible, the fact that they were a woman.


I can see both pro and con arguments. Though really, how can a fictional character really perform an Ambassador function?

At the same time, she is a pretty good mascot in a lot of ways.


I want the right to fight for rights while wearing tights…

… but if she doesn’t get it,I sure the hell won’t.

/ambiguity dejectedly removes his red, white, and blue bustier…


It is always an option. Especially on teh interwebs, people could be wearing anything - or nothing. I am dressed crazy now because I am in a cold room practicing tae kwon do.

I was rejected from working for the U.N. a few years ago, I got over it!


We need an alt-UN. Bustiers required.