Wonder Woman dumped as UN Ambassador

Well, now that the voting is back open, there are a lot of underrated super hero’s from which to choose…


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While I understand the reasons for not wanting her to be UN ambassador, I would say “choose your battles wisely”: this is the kind of thing that makes it easy for alt-right d-bags to mock SJW’s. [/quote]

I think you are vastly overestimating our ability to shut up alt-right d-bags. Whatever we do. Remember: these people consider “listening to women at all” a cause for mockery.

But then, being mocked by the alt right is a very good sign that you are choosing wisely.

That’s always a terrible argument, whoever makes it. I’m allowed to care about both. (And making this argument at one remove, in the mouths of hypothetical alt-right d-bags, does not in fact make it more convincing. Do you consider it valid? If not, why care if the alt-right make it - they’ll do things wrong no matter what. And if so, say so, and we can argue it directly.)

Well, if it were as common as that, you’d be right. But it’s not.

How many other UN honorary ambassadors are fictional characters? Or ever have been?

The message it sends is that women’s rights isn’t a real issue needing actual promotion. Just something for us to look up when there’s nothing important going on.


afaik this is the only other fictional character in this role


Wonder Woman tortured prisoners, as documented here (with her nefarious CIA contractor pal Etta Candy). Sad!


The argument isn’t about caring, it’s about caring enough to actually show up at the UN with picket signs as some apparently did. Signing a petition is a perfectly reasonable response to the issue, but that’s about as much effort as it’s worth.

As for alt-right d-bags, you’re right, there’s probably no reaching them anyway, but for anyone out there not clued-in to the issues this kind of thing can make alt-right arguments appear valid, “see?! SJW’s are always looking for something to get pissed about!” Maybe I’m overestimating how effective that is for them, but still, don’t give enemies ammunition.

From CNN:

“The UN has previously used other fictional characters – including Red from Angry Birds and Winnie the Pooh – to promote messages about happiness and friendship.
News that Wonder Woman is being dropped upset some fans of the comic book character – and another petition was launched Tuesday by Tara Peterson, a 14-year-old fan campaigning to reinstate her.”

Hey, I agree women’s rights is a real issue, tell it to Tara Peterson.

This list includes Squirrel Girl. There must be some mistake.


Oh come now. This is also the kind of thing that lets third-wave and fourth-wave feminists mock second-wave feminists. It has been over 30 years since the feminist sex wars began and we still have second-wave feminists arguing that women should cover themselves up because someone might sexually objectify them which they view as morally offensive.


One doesn’t even need to be alt-right to mock SJWs

…but it helps?


Mock SJW? They’re bound to expect some sort of mock frog!

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Nah, the script writes itself really. As long as they keep on with stuff like the Boston Kimono Masacree, regular folks will have plenty to mock or just laugh at.

I knew they should have gone with She-Hulk. :disappointed:


So there is room for Sarah Palin now.

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There seems to be a whole lot of hate for this idea in the comments, but I thought it a good idea.

“Why didn’t they pick a non-fictional woman?”

There are undoubtedly many real-life women who could have been chosen, but doesn’t that risk alienation through choice? Where would you start, the sciences, humanities, medicine, sports? How do you choose and not leave anyone or any field of interest out? Because whoever is chosen, someone, somewhere will complain, or call “unfair!” or “bias!” or it just leaves space for old-fashioned racism and bigotry.

So choose the fictional, world-famous character that has represented strength and truth since the beginning, one accessible to everyone, everywhere, and when that little girl starts asking you questions about Equality and Empowerment, you’ve got a good place to start the conversation. That’s what this choice represented to me, and I believe was intended to represent all along; the start of a conversation, not the exclusive end-point.


Wow. Something to offend practially anyone in that frame. The list of funny captions or snarky comments is almost limitless.

IMHO, it shouldn’t. An Ambassador is a representative, not someone who is going to accurately reflect most of the people they are representing. A good one though, will take into account the needs of all the people who they are supposed to be speaking for.

But it is nigh impossible to find one person that reflects accurately what is literally about half of the population on Earth.

But as you said, people will take offense that the representative doesn’t reflect who they are. You can’t please some of the people some of the time.

That’s okay. With the new administration, I’m sure that Trump wouldn’t do anything like appointing Ambassadors frivolously…

(Warning: I have no idea how reliable The Wrap is, but I’m guessing not very):

Shit, Katy Perry and Beyonce would kill it as Ambassador.

"Sign the treaty or there will be fireworks!
Test our mettle, see just what we’re worth,
You’ll be going "oh, oh, oh!“
As missiles shoot across the sky-y-y”

“'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a flag on it
Can’t claim it now, you should have put a flag on it
Don’t be mad once you see there’s oil under it
If you liked it, then you should have put a flag on it
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh”


Sounds like the ambassadorships would have been given to whoever successfully signed a big-name act for the inauguration, not to the singers themselves.

Which just doesn’t seem fair.

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So, he’s got a talent show loser and “time to say goodbye” so far. I assume he’ll also get Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Ugh.