Watch this cool machine trim hedges into perfect spheres


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Looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss story!


Check out Pearl’s yard:


Impressive machine, but can it set for “just a trim and neaten up the back of my neck”?


i’d like to offer a different backing track (starting at the 2:20 mark)


Watching this, I feel like a triangular hedge that’s been put in the wrong field.



I love the sound of trimming in the morning. Smells like…topiary.


The juniper
The juniper
The juniper


Whoever made this video needs to trim it by 2/3. Over a min of calibration followed by 2 of measurements and starting the machine. Skip to 3:00 to actually see the damn thing go.

I guess they are just normal box hedges that after you buy them you have to shape them into spheres yourself with out the cool machine.

/end grumpy rant


This is from some strange world where the Matrix meets Edward Scissorhands.


I wanted to post “INTENSE! FINE ADJUSTMENT! ACTION!” but apparently you can’t post incomplete sentences now?


Skip to about 3 and a half minutes for the actual action and not all this adjusting nonsense.


I came here looking for the version that handles hedges in the 150 to 200 cm range. Will check this out with fingers crossed…


Great! Now I’m overcome with desire for a quincunx of perfectly spherical buxus.


This 80s comedy book has come true


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