Watch this crazy contortionist's dance

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The dance is quite unusual, but I see no evidence of the dancer being mentally ill.


Trump’s next campaign manager.

YAKfilms has a lot of this on Youtube, this being my favorite:

I also like the pop/locking stuff as well (not to mention Roland Jenkees music)


Good art can really make you feel something, like sympathetic joint pain.


I… I can touch my toes. Considering at one point I couldn’t get barely past my knees it is an improvement.


Wow. No way in heck would my wife watch that…
Something as simple as her nephew giving his arm a little more twist than the average person can do gives her the heebie jeevies.

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Thanks for posting those.

I really like the lock and pop vid. There is deep happiness in dancing and movement creation - it is great to see that in their faces.

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