WATCH: Stunning 1954 contortionist routine


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There seems to be precious little online about the duo. This 2012 post is the best I could find."

The article you linked includes a link to their own site,, which is sadly now defunct. But has snapshots of it that provide quite a lot of information about them. It’s in french but google translate does a reasonable job with the text.

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Awesome. Thanks Cory!

My spouse let me teach the kids a lot of things at very early ages, but she drew the line rather firmly when she caught me trying to research techniques contortionist families supposedly use on their babies.


Wow. Fuck. OMG. Impressive. Amazing. That was incredible. The costume. The work. Bravo.


How he got all the way through that routine without pitching a big ol’ tent is beyond me.

Sexiest thing I’ve seen all week.

Maybe just a few years later, this one always blows my mind -


Wow! Things that make you go BOING! All I can say is solid potato salad.

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Not gonna google that.

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Came to post just that.

Reminded of what Jaye P. Morgan said after watching a female contortionist on The Gong Show:
“I know a lot of men who want to meet you.”

Excellent video accompaniment for David Bromber’s “Sharon”. (

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