Watch this dazzling fire at a fireworks store

I also remember that one. This video shows the buildup:

At first it is “just” a display of fireworks, the real explosion happens at about 2:18 in that video. I remember another video, where you could literally see the shockwave coming at the camera before it was knocked over.

Looks like they’re videoing from inside a vehicle - and wisely have the windows shut hence the reflections.


I came to mention the huge Grucci explosion in 1983. I can’t find contemporaneous video.

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It immediately came to mind. So can I remember the date of the War of 1812? No sir.

In Illinois, a fireworks factory blew up each year from 1970 through 1973. I remember seeing the mushroom cloud from the 1972 Orland Park blast, from my school’s playground.

A report was prepared for the Illinois General Assembly (warning: 185-page PDF), and on a ten-point WTF scale, the level of incompetence in all corners scored a 36. Some choice tidbits:

  • The state fire marshal didn’t know of the Orland Park plant, even though it had been operating for 16 years
  • The plant did not have any licenses for explosives storage
  • The plant was built on land not zoned for the purpose
  • They were making bootleg M-80s at the time the explosion occurred
  • Sixteen people were injured and three killed
  • It was the first (and last) day on the job for one of the employees, whose body was never found

Similar levels of WTF applied to the other plants that blew up.


this is what my neighborhood in Chicago looked like this year after they decided to allow fireworks.

after two weeks straight of nightly amateur fireworls in my neighborhood, followed by three days in a row of big bangers until 3am, this is pure schadenfreude for me…

This kind of makes up for Poochie stopping Itchy and Scratchy from ever making it to the fireworks factory…

Around here, the “fireworks stores” are dressed up shipping containers, in big parking lots, well away from any buildings.

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