Watch this drummer play effortlessly play with one hand

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Of course any discussion of one-handed drummers wouldn’t be complete without paying due respects to Rick Allen, the Def Leppard drummer who lost his left arm in a car accident in 1985 and didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream.

Kudos also to his bandmates for having enough faith in him to put their performances on haitus while he learned to play one-handed instead of just finding a new drummer.


This guy is relying on a dual pedal kick and fast footwork to fill. His performing hand is doing what an experienced pro should be able to do. Much more respect for Rick Allen.


There’s that old joke that goes: what has 10 legs, 9 arms and sucks?

Def Leppard


Another band with a drummer with only the use of one arm

Song is actually his story


Not sure “effortlessly” is the most appropriate adverb in this situation. He appears to be expending an impressive amount of effort.


Sure, he can play with a joint in one hand, or drinking from a sippy cup.

But can he sight read complicated drum parts while eating sushi at the same time?

“So this beat is coming along and he plays one bar, 17/3. He gets a mental picture of it, and starts to turn the page. As he turns the page, his other limbs start reading what was on the previous page and right before he ended up finishing reading what was on the second page…he picked up the sushi and ate it in the middle of turning the page [while adjusting his glasses!]. And he didn’t miss a beat! Even Frank threw his baton!”


This guy shows up in my YouTube Shorts feed a lot, and he definitely has talent, though he seems a bit too “I’m better than you are” for my tastes. And in any case, I usually find the talents of jazz drummers like Larnell Lewis more impressive. Fast metal drums are cool, but I’m more into polyrhythms and improvisation. And subtlety.

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