Amputee drummer with bionic playing arm launches Kickstarter


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What? No knife?


“Humans are taking our jobs!” -Roland 808



I always thought it was special of that band to keep him on as drummer.


Bet he still can’t play YYZ.


What kind of post-modern world do I live in where a musician has to raise money for a robot arm to play shows

It’s like Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, a Arthur C Clarke story and a reddit writing prompt (If he has a number above his head for no discernible reason)


Neil Peart stands alone.


The best possible one. In all the others, a musician who loses a limb just has to find something else to do.


Headline makes images in head.
Kickstarter… drums…

(sees himself out and runs for the hills)


I mean. I’d put Mike Portnoy next to him. More or less.


Oh certainly. I always assume people get this stuff but just in case, I was making an Archer reference, not an actual claim.


Hah! I was kinda referring to that episode too, but I didn’t recall that particular line from it.


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