Watch this gentleman shoplift an $8,000 guitar by stuffing it down his pants

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A local music producer told me a story years ago, a guitarist he knew (whom he described as “kind of sociopathic”) would go into big guitar shops, take two guitars into an audition booth, plug one in and while he was finger tapping on it to make it seem like he really was trying it out, he would begin dismantling the other-- clipping off the strings, unscrewing the neck (obviously not viable with a set neck Les Paul) and then put the neck down a pant leg and the body in a huge pocket in the back of his jacket. He got away with this many times, he had a number of rare expensive guitars, and he didn’t treat them very well.


The stolen guitar is a Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '59 Les Paul Standard.

A little part of me is jealous, Right Now.


I one time shoplifted an air guitar. Put it in a jar, but then I tripped on the way home and the jar broke :confused:


you got what you deserved then. lesson learned i hope.


“Why yes…I AM glad to see you!”


You are lucky they didn’t put you in air jail.


Isn’t this how we all got our first guitars?


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Now watcha gotta do,
If you wanna get a gibs(son),
Is act real smooth
And make your move like this.

( yawns and stretches out his pants )


I’m surprised such high-value items dont have anti-theft tags embedded inside them. All it takes is preventing one such theft to make the investment pay for itself. (Such a system probably greatly reduces insurance premiums, also?) For that matter: put an Apple airtag to trace it right back to the thief.


No, my parents bought me my first on some kind of installment plan, however. . .


That doesn’t sound like rock’n’roll.

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There are plenty of rock stars who got their first guitar from their parents… Joan Jett comes to mind.


Every day I sing the blues. . . .

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So I’m confused. The pictures of the guitar show a left handed les paul, while the video appears to be a righty. And as a southpaw, i can guaran-goddam-tee that no music store in the civilized world would have a lefty top o the line les paul hanging there (With very, very few exceptions (jerry’s, southpaw guitars)


He hadn’t planned to wear a G-string. By the time he got home he was tangled up and blue.


Is that a guitar in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

(I’m honestly surprised no one had posted this already!)

Someone did.

~$1,000 for a top of the line, US made Gibson… ok. ~$6,500 (which is about the street price of that thing)…. You gotta have serious disposable income and bad case of “the instrument will make me a better player”, imo.

Who did put this high price Gibson in this odd place in the drum section of the shop? The thief himself? Still this would be a very suspicious action if cought.

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