Watch this gymnast's incredible performance with six hula hoops

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What could she do with LED hoops?


The music is continuous, but the video isn’t. Could she have made it in a single take with only five?

Are you making light of her abilities?


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So someone does something like this and the first thing you have to say is a snide remark about what they didn’t do? Why? I’m not trying to scold you. I’m genuinely curious why you’d want to neg on someone else’s talent. It’s not like the video editor tried to hide the cuts or claim it was one take.


If you are, in fact, deeply curious, it’s probably from just having watched the winter Olympics. Apologies for bringing you down.


No need to apologize. You didn’t bring me down. If anything, I wondered why you brought yourself down by seeing the glass half empty, so to speak. But I didn’t mean to chastise. You are, of course, welcome to you outlook and these times wear on all our psyches.

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Funny how it seemed like humorous comment to me, not snide. The ‘only five’ reinforced what I took to be humorous intent.
Especially as it was obvious she was doing different things in each ‘scene’, so it was never going to be a single ‘take’ anyway, unless it was a very long video showing the start and end each of her positions/configurations.
Probably it was edited specifically to be short and snappy and showcase talent, and was all the better for it, to me. I’d like to think the ‘glitchy’ music was very deliberately chosen to lay over the visuals, given the jumpy nature of the cuts. But I’m sure we all agree YMMV.

I wondered if anyone noticed the olympics connection… Five rings?

Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you the new Vhoops spokesperson!

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