Watch this woman do chin-ups while hula hooping


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Damn, chin-ups from fully extended straight elbow, that is some awesome upper body strength.


Watches video.
Dog receives second half of my croissant.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")


Super Boss level achieved.


I didn’t know we were adding porn to the repertoire. Not my personal fetish, but I approve whole heartedly!


well, i suddenly feel even wimpier than i did a few minutes ago.


I am truly shocked and ashamed at the lightness with which fellow commenters are taking this . hula hooping is a serious addiction its like a gateway drug and this poor victim of it has already gone to the point of no return where hoola hooping just isnt enough to fill her hollow desperate craving void of despair. it gets worse from here next she will find the chin ups don’t give her enough satisfaction and will progress to one handed chin ups . she will then get an extra hoola hoop and then another and another when there is no room for extra hoops and no amount of one hand chin ups can satisfy her , she will learn to play a small electric ukulele with her free hand . and when thats not enough she will get a hands free harmonica and finally a drum on a back pack controlled by strings to her feet. dont laugh I’ve seen this before its not pretty.


My daughter once tried to hulu hoop while dancing on the deck stairs on stilts.




No, but luckily I was there to make the catch.


Awesome, but I’m even more impressed by how long that gymnast behind the screen is holding that one pose!


Holy shit. Every time I thought she was done she cranked another one out. Awful form though. /S


Your dog received it or he took it while you were mesmerized by the cute, fit woman performing amazing hula hoop stunts?


Her “March Madness” video is pretty cool, if you want to see more of the hoop aspect.


It’s not even the pull-ups that amaze, it’s the efficiency of movement with which she maintains the hooping! I can hula-hoop, but I look like a washing machine spinning with an unbalanced load. She barely moves!


Dad reflexes for the win!


whoo! There’s a couple of heart stoppers in there.

I threw myself across a basement and caught a toddler one handed at full extension when the tyke’s head was a couple inches from slamming into a cement floor after falling off the (no baluster) stairs. Caught the top of the newel post with my other hand so I didn’t slam my own head into the floor.

I was like “I AM SUPER DAD I RULE” and then suddenly, painfully I realized I’d thrown my back out worse than ever before in my life. I couldn’t even walk for days.

In retrospect making sure the basement door was properly closed would have been much more super dadly.


I can do chin ups or I can hula hoop, but not both… and not the chin ups… and not the hula hooping.


I’m pretty sure a lot of those were filmed in Ketchum, Idaho…