Watch a stuntwoman do pull-ups with a little girl on her lap


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I did a pull-up once.

I’m not going to make that mistake again.


I get in a place every year or so where I get really consistent about doing upper-body stuff for a few months. This last time, it was because my daughter had started sleeping through the night really consistently. Pull-ups are part of the routine, and she always thought (yes, past tense, I’m very far off the wagon at the moment…) it hilarious to grab my feet and shins when I was doing pull-ups. Even that distraction / laughter was enough to kill my ability to do even one. I can’t even imagine being this diesel.



It is only right and proper that the stuntwoman from Supergirl is herself a superwoman.

Also, that first video is cute as hell.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Did I say doing a pull-up or wearing a pull-up?


Also, I’ve spared everyone here the results of my GIS search on the subject.

I’m going to wash my eyes out with chlorine now…


Holy shit, that red carpet photo.


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