Infinite Marjorie Taylor Greene does her bonkers crossfit pullups forever

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There’s a level of stupidity that ensures that, one way or another, it will end up sending the idiot to hospital. However, there’s also a level of mega-stupidity that … somehow … preserves the idiot from that consequence. I’m not sure exactly where Greene is at, but she’s close to the line.


Okee dokee, Smokey!



Same bullshit spewed by that NJ gym owner who was giving out memberships to people who didn’t get vaccinated. Crossfit in particular though, seems to be peculiarly fascist, beyond the obvious “might makes right” ethos, the worst crossfit examples are embedded in hyper-corporate bro-culture workplaces, woven in with the rank and promotion hierarchy as a dripping metaphor of the marriage of social darwinism and meritocracy myths.


Does it make me a bad person that part of me hoped she’d fall right onto that barbell?


I’m no Richard Simmons, but I didn’t see a single pull up there.


“Infinite MTG?” Instant :face_vomiting: Infinite :no_entry:


Lol… so a conservative alpha gym has a conservative alpha problem.


To add a question to my horrified response, WTF is that that she is doing? It is not a pull-up such as I have ever seen. A “swing-up?” A “I really don’t know what I am doing”-up? Or is this how right wing asshole do it, to, you know, own the libs or something?


Probably this option. One thing is for sure, she’s not gaining any meaningful upper body strength from this, um, technique.


“Infinite Marjorie Taylor Greene” is one of the most non-wonderful things I’ve ever read on BB.


I absolutely fucking hate that this lunatic has somehow been associated with crossfit in any way. I absolutely love my crossfit gym, have been going for years, and am in the best shape of my life.

While the people who go to it are a diverse bunch, I can say with 100% certainty that the operator and all of the coaches at my gym are completely appalled by this inexcusable moron and her actions (because we’ve talked about her).

And the pullup is a ‘kipping pullup’, which is a sort of move that is used in competitions. It does work a lot of muscles, but isn’t the same as a straight up and down pull up.

Please, let’s not mix the asshole with the crossfit? Not all vegetarians are Hitler, but Hitler was a vegetarian.


She’s not the only one: CrossFit athletes and boxes exit over CEO’s Black Lives Matter comments - Vox

The flip side of that article is despite Glassman and Greene, there are plenty of upstanding people in the CrossFit community.

(I dabbled in it a decade ago, it got me into kettlebells and weightlifting.)


Nor any coach, gym teacher or self-respecting trainer would accept.


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Wow, this Glassman dipshit is a real piece of work.

But before the tweet came the Zoom call, which was held with more than a dozen people, including gym owners and employees of the corporate office, known as HQ. The event devolved into expletive-filled rants by Mr. Glassman, in which he referenced conspiracy theories and fought with a gym owner on the topics of race, racism and the responsibility of white business owners to show support for the black community amid a national time of reckoning.

Mr. Glassman responded that there were two great medical failures of his lifetime. “The first would be the Chinese who let this virus get out of the laboratory. That indeed did happen.

He continued: “Do you think that what happened to George was racist? Do you think that was racially motivated?”

Ms. Wydeven responded by saying “there are examples of similar circumstances where people who are white have used a $20 fraudulent bill and not been killed. And there’s so much videotape of this incident and firsthand testimony.”

Mr. Glassman was not convinced. “We have friends in the FBI in your neighborhood,” he said. “And they’re of the view that this was first degree murder, and it was to silence him over the counterfeit money. That’s the belief that’s what the cops think.” (There is no evidence that suggests a cover-up, or a link between making counterfeit money and Mr. Floyd’s death.)


Which is why that CEO is gone. Of course in a company with literally thousands of unique ‘boxes’ that largely follow their own path there will be an overlap with macho right wing types. But there is also an overlap with all the other types as well.

I just don’t like that Ms. Bonkers McQnut is in any way linked to the flaky granola gym that I go to and enjoy.


Yes, but then the Boehner story comes along, so…


And I absolutely think you should keep going to the gym you love. I also hate that she’s pushing the moralistic “fitness fixes everything, so people who are out of shape are bad” horseshit. It’s a bad look for the whole fitness community. Which includes me.


I didn’t hear anyone accusing CrossFit of being evil or anything, only that this right wing asshat works out at one. She absolutely deserves the shit she gets. There is no mass punishment here.