Infinite Marjorie Taylor Greene does her bonkers crossfit pullups forever

she’s not working her arms very much - swinging the lower body around like that - what is she proving, anyway?

It’s an explosive, full body movement. Doing strict pull ups with just upper body strength is really hard, and it’s possible to trade off some of that difficulty by doing a more dynamic kip. CrossFit programs these because it allows them to program a lot of pull ups. It’s definitely evolved over the years, the kip up style I learned a decade ago looks a lot more like a modified pull up. I guess someone figured this out, and it’s easier and satisfied their “chin goes over the bar anyhow” standard, so I have been seeing it crop up more and more.

I personally think it looks dumb and not super useful.


I tend to subscribe to the controlled movement mindset of strength-building. So personally I’d rather do shoulder shrugs, body-weight rows, and hanging leg raises in separate sets without the swinging. I don’t bother with pull-ups much as they don’t seem to provide much utility to me. I honestly don’t know if that’s better, but I think it works better for me. I feel like way too much of fitness culture is trying to show off rather than trying to optimize one’s own range of motion and strength though. Honestly, yoga culture can be this way too. Really not helpful at all.


Swinging legs to cheat at pull-ups is as old as pull-ups.


I’m a naturally big and heavy person (~280lbs). Strict pullups are almost impossible for me. When I started seriously working out (4 years ago) kipping pullups were also impossible. Now I can do them, and even a few strict ones.

Not trying to impress anyone, but I’ve seen improvement over time which started with awkwardly swinging myself up like that. If I was limited just to ‘strict’ pullups I’d probably still be doing zero. YMMV

Bonkers McQnut’s message of exercise leading to immunity to Covid is bullshit. Exercise absolutely does boost your immune system, but it does not make you invincible.


There are uses for it. If you get your head over the bar, holding there or lowering as slowly as possible are good ways to build up strength to do a strict pull up. Also, if the goal is to get over the bar or on top of an obstacle, having that full body coordination is more efficient. The strict pull up is about strength training rather than anything else.


Damn. That’s awesome. 280# pull ups are no joke. They were hard for me at 180#, and I don’t actually know if I can do one right now (I am 220#, and haven’t had regular access to a pull up bar during the pandemic. I did stack ~150# on my deadlift this year).


I don’t know what the hell that is, but it ain’t a pullup


I’d be surprised if she could do three proper pull-ups instead of that flopping fish nonsense.


They’ve rebranded successfully unfortunately, but one of the major criticism of Cross-Fit is that they do every exercise poorly. Working out through injury and overworking your body to the point of sickness was a part of the branding early on - obviously they smartened up as they made more money and got very popular.

But ultimately if you found something you will do, doing it poorly is better than nothing. I just don’t see the point of people trying to pitch cheater moves as more co-ordinated than the real deal.


She is making herself ‘burning cross fit’


I wish she’d use her bombast to sell used cars at “crazy prices!” instead of polluting Congress… :-/

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It’s… a prison gym. Yes. They’ve let her out of her cage for her twice weekly workout.

…Now the video is much nicer, isn’t it?

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Infinite Marjorie Taylor Greene

That should be listed as an SCP like Infinite Ikea.

eta: Keter class, until it can be contained and examined.


I hadn’t seen this one the first time. Is it bad that I really want to suggest watching this next time people around me are high, and wait to see how long it takes them to realize it’s never going to end?

On second thoughts, that would probably be a cruel joke, as there would bound to be someone thinking “what the fuck is happening? I’m going crazy. I’m stuck in a time warp.” the whole time.


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