Watch this ice cream vendor in Turkey blow tourists' minds with magic

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A summer night out at the festival and the guy wears a freshly-starched oxford button-down? Quick, somebody get that man a T-shirt!

Now this is what I like about my species.

Occasionally, I get in before the inevitable multitude of comments decrying whatever is wrong with this
thing I just saw, that I don’t see. No moral baggage yet. Thank you.

All I see is a happy group of people having fun, across cultural boundries, and enjoying themselves.
This is one of those “wonderful things” I used to see here more often. Total strangers having fun together
is one of my favorite things in life.

Today I saw a wizard walking down the highway. In a remote area, far from buildings. He looked exactly
like Gandolf the white- full on beard staff and wizard hat. I have no idea why, but happily walking along
the road.

Sometimes it’s nice to just see people being weird/themselves, and making other people happy doing so.
Seeing that wizard, and this guy in Istanbul, made me happy today :smile:


Top button buttoned, tucked into shorts! Get that man some ice cream!


Price of Ice Cream: $2 and putting up with a really annoying vendor who thinks he is way more clever then than he is by playing keep away and shoving ice cream in your face…

I’d probably just walk away if someone tried to pull that with me, i like a good street show, but all his tricks were the intentionally annoying school yard bully variety.

(edit: sorry about my then/than brain glitch…it is a known software bug in my operating system.)


Agreed. I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face, although I can’t help but think the last guy was a tosser. Hey, you’ve almost certainly seen what’s going on at this stall - if you don’t like it, go buy your ice cream somewhere else.


Kinda reminds me of all the flourish used in the movie Cocktail - fine if you want entertainment, irritating if you just want a drink or an ice-cream.

It surprises me that the band of happy mutants includes those who judge other people’s choices in clothing and style.
The irony is that the ‘not tucked in’ movement originates from people trying to disguise a distended belly, the top button isn’t actually done if you look carefully and frankly the shirt looks much smarter than many of the t-shirts on display.

I should point out that I’m more comfortable in a t-shirt personally but I can imagine the shirt might be less clingy and cooler.
Just sayin’


I think the saying is “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We all have to do our part to help out!


Clickbait headline aside, this was cute. I’d love to see this guy work with kids, who would almost certainly be far more impressed.

This guy was on here before, wasn’t he?

(except that link doesn’t work any more, anyway because the YT video is gone)

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(yeah he has been on here several times…just like the cotton candy flower guy and the think rolled ice cream guy)

How about “judge not lest ye be judged” ?

That is a special kind of ice cream which is very hard, so it is possible to do the tricks without leaking or splatters.

If anyone interested it is Maras style ice cream with natural gum in it (no it is not like a chewing gum, it just gives essence and makes it hard).

I like the ice cream, but not the show, because it is traditional to do that show when selling Maras ice cream and unless the vendor is too busy, you like it or not they do the show.

This is all very well for ice cream vendors but I wouldn’t like to see this creative and playful approach to work adopted by, for example, heart surgeons. Or perhaps I would. On reflection of course I would, if anything I’d prefer it to the ice cream show.

Here’s your new heart. Only kidding! No, here it is. Or is it? Now it’s over here. Now it’s down there. Boop! You’ve got blood on your nose! OK, I’m calling it, time of death 15:35.


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