Watch this iguana run for its life from a snake attack


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The iguana lost the fight.


wow that was a lot of snakes.


Protip: Junkie XL - Brothers in Arms playing in the background syncs almost perfectly.


Did we watch the same video? Oh sure it was close, but that magnificent bastard made it.


Hoooollllllly shiiiiiiiiit. That was way more gripping than any of the action movies Hollywood has churned out lately.


SNAKE1: I got him! I got him! Pile on!
SNAKES 2-5: Leeeeroy Jenkinnnssss!
SNAKES:. . .wait. Who has him? We aren’t just wrestling snake 6, are we?
SNAKE 6: Yeah, you totally are you boneheads. See, there he goes.


I just saw the whole show the other day. The kids and I were cheering the little feller on like it was the olympics and their sibling was going for gold!

But so many snakes - scary. I don’t mind snakes. But so many snakes. It’s like a bankers’ convention.


I assume those guys aren’t venomous?


Lawyer’s Convention. See SchlockMercenary


The iguana, in another life:


That iguana is adorable. Period.


Iguanas have impressive acceleration, I note.


Now I see why some of the Galapagos Iguanas took to the sea…

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