Watch this infamously awful cartoon from 1943

Anytime! And yeah, it may not be an extensive list, but Screen Gems still had some good ones indeed. Here’s a few for starters, all on YouTube:

The Little Match Girl (1937)-Someone above actually mentioned this one rightfully
Fox and Grapes (1941)-Which I actually posted onto reddit just now in the same place
Red Riding Hood Rides Again (1941)-Yes, Screen Gems did indeed do a Red Riding Hood parody two years before the much better known ‘Red Hot Riding Hood’ at MGM
Up n Atom (1947)-And yes, they ripped off Sylvester’s design in this one


Great, thanks!

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Simple click-baiting, I suspect. As much as I love @frauenfelder’s work here, part of the charm is a sort of naïveté when it comes to headlines. The click baiting from the Reddit post was carried over.

It’s not that bad, really, but saying “Watch this cartoon made in 1943, when World War II was raging and thus not as good as the ones made before or after” doesn’t have have the same carnival barker lure.


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