Watch this insanely fast high school theater costume quick change

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Man that took me right back to high school.

Man did I not want to go back…


Something tells me you haven’t seen a lot of quick changes. Velcro alone could have trimmed that in half. It’s not like she did a shoe change.

Greater Tuna, now that has quick changes.


I… I think you’re thinking of strippers…


No, Wicked has 15 second quick changes including wigs and makeup. With a team of two.

Velcro is key. So are magnets. I’m not even talking about magic act quick changes, which typically take one second (again, more velcro).


Not even close to “insanely fast”.


Not insanely fast, but quickly, calmly and ‘professionally done’ anyway. Love the little backstage celebration at the end - after the crew has done their job and the actor has made it back into the wing…

Well done all.


It could have been faster if the costume department hasn’t used a knit garment. The struggle was real but they made it on time and I was emotionally high fiving with them.

Velcro would have helped but sewing knit fabrics is a pain without a serger and what high school drama team has one of those. :laughing:

Anyone have any idea what show they put on?


yeah, I think magnets would have been better than velcro Sew the buttons onto the other facing and then have magnets below them. That would have saved 2-3 seconds.

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I can think of many high schools with Sergers, you might be surprised how many kids are showing up to college these days with professional skills. Moving light programming, welding set construction, makeup arts, there is a ton of impressive support from high schools that certainly wasn’t there even fifteen years ago.


Sound of Music, I believe?

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I agree. I was expecting an amazing two second change using specially adapted garments, but saw instead some kids who clearly practiced, took the change seriously, and showed real joy at the end. It was nice.



Yeah, decent without any actual specific technology. But not anywhere near pro. You should see what goes on in Aladdin during Never had a Friend Like Me. I think there’s more costumes in that song than any 5 shows put together, the show has 337 costumes. Also Aladdin has a quick change onstage while briefly shielded by 3 characters.


Ugh. Now I feel like Donald Trump.


This reminds me of things I’ve read about the days of live TV. Somewhere I read a story told by the star of an English cop show. He had to fall into “the river” (a tank), pop out, put a dry coat over his soaked suit, and enter his office nonchalantly as if it were the next day. Unfortunately he slipped on scum in the bottom of the tank and fell, stunning himself. Luckily one of the crew noticed he was drowning and pulled him out in time to make his cue.


I was wondering how many posts before, “Nah, that wasn’t that fast.” Pro naysayers here, I’ll give you that.


Some of us literally are theatre professionals who have seen a lot of quick changes. And it was the modifier of “insanely” that made me comment. That’s a really good quick change up there, everyone knows their task and does it really well. But it’s just a quick change, not a fast one, not an insanely fast one.


It really wasn’t. It was neatly and professionally done, but nothing I’d consider “insanely fast”. Insanely fast would be about half that time.

The change was very smooth, though, and had they rushed it it would not have been nearly as good.

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