Watch this maker restore a WWI lighter made from a bullet

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When I was younger I used to keep an IMCO Triplex in my pocket because it was older, cooler and cheaper than a Zippo. These Austrian lighters were developed based on WW I bullet lighters. At some point I realised however that it’s not worth keeping a potentially leaky fluid fuel lighter in your pocket and topped up when you don’t even smoke, just because you like the idea of it.


How does this work? Does the part go into the part on the right?

I used to smoke cigars occasionally , and had a Colibri lighter - and a Zippo for back up. I liked the Zippo for fidget tricks, but it seemed when i wanted to use it to light a fire, my fluid had evaporated. Then I left it at someones house and never saw it again.


Yeah, evaporation was the biggest problem, especially if you don’t actually use it.

The bullet-shaped tank goes into the cylinder and the open rectangular part is for reloading flints (it takes Zippo flints so that’s not a problem). This is it in its closed state. It lights by opening the top, which also engages the spark.


very nice…my brother in law had one of these. worked very well. but “neighbor” ? Are we sure this guy’s Canadian? :slight_smile:

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