Watch this once-lost 'Empire Strikes Back' doc-film from 1980


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this is definitely worth watching. you can see why Lucas kept it from being seen, though – the sheer amount of TESB you learn about from watching it is staggering. it would’ve ruined huge parts of the movie if it had aired before the movie came out.


snagged it - thnx


How drunk was Harrison Ford during these interviews?


cough youtube-dl cough


Did Harrison Ford EVER like being interviewed?


Yo, those crew parkas with the names and Vader patches were flavorrrrr!


Thanks, but I am all Star Wars’d out.


There’s also this Empire special effects documentary from around the same time:

Saw it on TV around 1981 and don’t recall too much about it, but may be of interest.



Curse you George Lucas! :grinning:


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