Watch: This rocket-powered birthday cake does the blowing and cutting for you

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That sulfuric tang of black powder residue: Yummo!


Oh good. This invention would be in vain without the explosion.


For those interested: it’s the Flower Duet from the opera Lakmé by Delibes…


You could have silly string instead.


That sulfuric tang

best Spın̈al Tap album ever


Vern Estes, who in 1961 founded the company that made that motor, is still alive and well and heading over to that guy’s house with a copy of the Safety Code.


This is so fucking stupid and so wonderful.

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By adding a pair of horizontally opposed smaller rockets offset to the central axle, the cake could be made to spin and serve itself as well.


Now I want an atomic birthday cake cutter.

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Yeah I’m not eating that cake.

More cake for me!

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The cake is a lie, anyway…

What, and you still have to put the slice on your plate yourself? Not what I expect from a rocket-powered cake; where’s the delivery system?

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Puzzling this out before watching the video… Could loop thin wires like from a cheese cutter, under the cake and attached to the rocket, and aim up, with just enough of a shield below the nozzle to keep the exhaust from splattering the cake. The wires would rip right through that thing, yeah?

Hang on, what holds the rocket up in the middle of the cake? Poke the wires up through the middle? Nah. Use a shish kebab skewer to thread the wires under the cake, all the way across, and mount the rocket on an arm cantilevered over it. Yeah, that could work. Wire seems like overkill, maybe monofilament fishing line or nylon thread.

Would the lines tangle on the launch pad? Maybe offset the pad, loop the lines over an arm, and then direct them down. What happens if a line still gets caught? It would vector that rocket somewhere unpredictably. Caution!

Ooh, could trigger off the rocket launch with a fake candle where the “flame” is a switch that closes the contact when you blow on it. Stand back.

Early, unsuccessful test of the prototype Self-Baking Cake Delivery System:

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What should be noted is that some of the constituents of the delay charge should not be in proximity to food. As an old rocketeer, I wouldn’t eat that cake. Clever hack, though.

Vern is what? – 87 years old now? And he will be at NARAM in Pueblo this coming summer. He was a “maker” long before the “Maker” craze.

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