A most excellent Star Wars Millenium Falcon cake


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Probably laced with wookie hairs… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I can’t help but think that a 6-year-old would probably be just as happy with something much less ornate, freeing up a substantial sum of money to be spent elsewhere. But that’s probably missing the point.

It is kind of impressive that they didn’t resort to rice krispies as supporting material, though. Now I want to try making “mud cake”. (I didn’t even know that was a thing.)

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Yes, but such ornate cakes are typically made for benefit of many more people than the single intended recipient.

In this case, the set includes all of us.

So while the 6-year-old would be happy with a much simpler design, if we integrate the little pieces of happiness from seeing the eye candy, over the Internet, we get a lot of total happiness worth the overhead.

…and now I crave something sweet…

A Superb Falcon.


I’m trying to come up with the best BoingBoing-bait headline. How about “DRM-free indispensable Millennium-Falcon-shaped kitchen utensil will prevent your kitten videos from disclosing your location”?

sp. Millennium

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Yeah I think you did miss the point…

Each year we get to make a fantastic cake for a sweet little birthday boy named Kaben. His Mom gives us lots of freedom in terms of design and budget

Money is no object and Kaben gets whatever he wants for his birthday!


Nerdy fun fact: all those details — the panels and access hatches and etc. — are called greebles (and the act of creating them greebling). The term originated with the designers for Star Wars, so it’s extra-appropriate here, but is used generally in computer graphics and in Lego modeling (and I assume elsewhere) for all those cool looking details which look meaningful and complex and cool but you haven’t really mapped to function.


The number 4 that should have come before the 6 has fallen off!

Not so excellent Star Wars Millennium Falcon


My eyes can’t move away from the headline with that misspelling. Driving me crazy.

I would have trouble eating this…

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! We sure had a great time making this cake and the birthday boy was really surprised. Great info about the greebles @mattdm - cakes are ALL about the greebles!

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