Watch this student's perfect eye-roll behind right-wing speaker during Brexit debate

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Possibly off topic. But what is the over under number to define something as viral?

Like is it 10, 100, 100,000? If I get 23 people to like this post does that mean my post went viral?


One’s enough. You’re officially viral, bro.


Viral means you’re not just muttering to yourself.


Given the egregious bullshit that Farage is constantly spouting, this needs to be a permanent position for someone.

Context matters, surely? (I.e. the number of viewers relative to the potential audience size - which includes issues of platform, language, specialization of interest, etc.; perceptions of sender vs. viewer; and so on.)
I could see the number varying wildly depending it was a general interest subject/audience or not (i.e. it takes a lot fewer views/likes to go viral in the “drag-performing bee-keepers” subculture, fewer still if it’s for those who are also Finnish speakers).
Then there’s the perspective issue - from the user’s perspective, something they did is “viral” in relation to their usual audience size - so the average social media user and JK Rowling have different thresholds for “viral” (to some degree, the fame of the sender also increases the threshold required for viewers to see it as viral as well).

I’d say: Yes. It’s about getting orders of magnitude more viewers than “usual” (whatever that is, in context), but how many orders is also determined by the context.

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Personally, I’ve always felt it referred to the rate of acceleration. If you get 100,000 likes over a year; that’s not viral. But if you then get another 10,000 likes in the following 5 minutes … that’s viral.


A star is born.

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Her eyes appear not to be moving at all. I’ve watched for a flicker of movement for ten minutes, but nothing. In fact, it seems to be a still photo.


that wasn’t just an eye roll – it was the hyper-skeptical DOUBLE eye roll.


I think I like the bald guy’s lip curl more.

You should see how hard I’m eye rolling you right now!

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Yes it was! With a little “I can’t believe I’m listening to this bullshit” head shake chaser! Direct hit, Cap’n!


The slight neck contraction at the beginning is a special touch.

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This woman… this woman is good people. She’s not saying anything but really she’s saying everything.


That too. I suppose that’s the difference between something simply becoming popular and being viral.

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It only takes ONE like to get viral, kids. Stay safe!

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Ironically, she actually voted for Brexit, on the grounds that it would mean less European immigrants, but more diverse immigration from other countries. Which, given the people who were in putative charge, is worthy of an eyeroll in and of itself.

She did? Going through that twitter thread some vote leave sock puppet is saying that but others calling them a liar.

I read it in an interview with her in the Independent, IIRC.

To hell with her then if that’s the case. Though i like to think her being admired by remainers for showing up that grubby little liar might be pissing her off.