Watch this very cute 5-year-old boy land Guinness Record for most cartoon characters identified in one minute

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Fuck GWR.

The other day, I showed my kid (8 y/o) a picture of Bugs Bunny (it might have been the FL saw one).

She asked “who’s that”?

And that is the moment I know I have failed as a parent.


Thing is, car logos, bad cartoon characters, what kind of crap are they shoving down this kids throat?
Honestly, I didn’t watch the whole clip. The kid looked and sounded too unhappy to me.
This one leaves me queasy.

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I demand a recount - he clearly said “Leghorn Foghorn”

I say I say I say etc.


My guess having not watched the clip is this is a neurodiverse child. It’s unlikely the content had to be pushed down his throat, just made available with a caregiver willing to put in the time to teach the names. He’s got a unique talent at quick visual recall. Unfortunately this is probably a talent that will leave him socially lacking and leading to punishment by his peers.

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I noticed that too. However, I was impressed that he got Shaggy’s surname.

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