The moment this kid realizes he's hawking $2 candy bars to 'Bart Simpson'


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Voice actors are awesome peeps and that was awesome.


Bart Simon drives a Tesla!


Only a kid can look so beautifully goofy and innocent. What a shame we lose that silly sense of awe. And she gets great kudos for playing the kid so well Bart would be impressed


I wish I was having that kind’a day! Awesomeness!


my 14 yr old has been binging The Simpsons for the past year. He would have a cow.


so cool. i knew that bart is voiced by a woman named nancy cartwright (sp?), but i wouldn’t recognize her on the street, that’s for sure. i MIGHT recognize hank azaria, but i am ridiculously bad at recognizing people out of context unless they are george clooney level of famous, and even then i’d probably walk right by him and not know it.


All the D’aw!
That was lovely!


Model S!


Was just coming to say that. being a 10 year boy has it’s advantages!

too bad she is into Scientology


She travels around with a cameraman?


The way she eases him into the idea, that a woman could actually voice a boy, clearly this isnt the first time shes done this. What a pleasure to see!

Between this and that rocket launch, I feel slighty less angry at humanity than usual.


I’m good at facial recognition, and would have spotted her in a second - but mainly due to The Twilight Zone Movie, It’s a Good Life segment (yeah, reaching waaaay back). Still, I would have had a cow, man.

This also reminds me of the time I was trying to convince my friends that it was Crispin Glover who had just ridden past us on a 10-speed bicycle in downtown Wichita when he was in town filming Twister (1989). This is my level of encounters with celebrities - spotting them, but not able to talk to them or shake hands.

ETA: I just remembered, I also served the Wachowskis at a crepe restaurant in Chicago a few times in 2007/2008 before I realized who it was. I didn’t know about Lana starting her actualization, so the context was what threw me off, despite sort of knowing what they looked like.


Better any school gets her $ than the Church of $cientology, which is where most of her income likely goes.


You don’t?


you’re at least one step closer than i am, that’s for sure.


And constantly having to convince your friends that you saw them. “No, really! That was Jamie Farr coming out of the drugstore! I’m serious!”


My daughter went to that school


I aspire to one day either make someone make that goofy face of awe, or myself make that face while suddenly realizing who I’m in the presence of. Either or.


Not quite as random as Crispin Glover in Wichita, but I once saw Gibby Haynes riding a bike in NYC Chinatown. It was late summer and he looked… sweaty.