The moment this kid realizes he's hawking $2 candy bars to 'Bart Simpson'

Don’t let him watch past season, oh, 10 or so. Otherwise he will become disillusioned and lose his sense of awe and wonder!

If that happens while you’re alone in front if a mirror, the technical term is The Donald Trump Experience.

I find it just as funny now as it was back in the 90s.

Which is the problem. The show has been so copied… and those copies have been copied… that them not evolving to beat those imitators has left it looking worse than it actually is. In some ways it’s a bit comfort foody. But this not changing mixed with the rose-colored glasses for the 90s stuff make it seem like it’s worse than it was.

A camera operator is a lot more portable than a team of Korean animators.


Run kid! Before the “Royal Governor” signs you up for Scientology’s billion year Sea Org contract!

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Ya know, I so wanted to do that. But I told them we have a family reunion coming up in June 81,223 and I just cannot miss it.


I Loved That!

The kid will kick himself in the arse for decades for not saying, “Ha haw, you are Bart Simpson.”

That guy is a wreck, still makes more money than me >_>

His face was a mixture of no way, bullshit, ‘mind blown’, O_O , and excitement, couldn’t even process his emotions ^~^

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I’m the same way. God forbid I’m ever called on to do an eyewitness identification or to talk to a police sketch artist.

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I wonder if this means Bart Simpson’s non-compete contract with that other candy bar company finally expired.


Also a Scientologist supporter.

Therefor someone I wish would either leave the cult or shut up.

I’ve met her. she is a really really nice person and very encouraging of other people.

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