Kiddo's turn to geek out - took her to Midwest BronyCon. Met Dana Simpson of Pheobe and the Unicorn fame. Drew with her!

Ok - took the kiddo to a Brony Convention and spent all my money. This year they were very kid friendly. I got in for only $10! They give a free adult ticket with a kid ticket. Nice.

We went to the Voice Actors panel. The direct had Tom Waits shirt on. Nice. They did basically a whole episode right there for us (I think it was a fan fiction by St. Germain).

Here is her loot.

Signatures of Voice Actors:
Nicole Oliver who does Princess Celestia, Tree Hugger, and Cheri Lee. She gave my kid a free mini comic.

Ashleigh Ball who does Applejack, and my kid’s hero, Rainbow Dash.

And we got a pic with her.

Tabitha St. Germain who plays Rarity, Princess Luna, Muffins/Derpy, and who should be teaching kids theatre in a school some where with her infectious energy. She gave my kid an extra print, and an actual MLP toy/action figure.

Cosplay, etc:

Rairty and Chrystalis

Pinky Pie as a Stormtrooper. Her Party Cannon couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

Boba Fett/Luna Mashup

Prototype MLP VR game. The googly eyes on a $600 Occulus Rift set up is genius.

We went to the Foal area and they had stencils to make your own pony. So I made Sashca from KMFDM.

Mashup of MLP and Steven Universe

At the Foal Area, there were not a lot of kids there, and Dana Simpson was going to do a “Unicorn Session”. She thought about reading from her book - Pheobe and the Unicorn, but also suggested she could draw. Me and my kid were the only ones paying a lot of attention, so we said we would love to learn how to draw her characters. So we basically got a one on one drawing lesson in drawing Marigold and Pheobe. I will have to take pics of my and my kids work later.

Marigold’s head.

Marigold - full body.



FYI - @doctorow did the forward for the 3rd book, Unicorns vs Goblins.


Looks like you both had a blast! My daughter, circa 2013 would totally be jealous!

You should totally send a copy of that KMFDM pony to Sascha K!


I posted it on a KMFDM group on Facebook and he was tagged.


Well that’s fuckin’adorable.

(You can wash my mouth out with soap later)


Meh… I’m sure all of us are fine with it… and if they aren’t…


I wasn’t asking, it was a directive.



OK, but I charge extra…


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