Hour-long Brony retrospective covers it all

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Nah, there are still pony conventions, though they are much smaller than during the heyday of the show’s popularity. And while the fandom’s peak has undoubtedly passed, there’s still a lot of people creating fanart, fan music, fanfics and so on.


This one, available on YouTube as well, is also excellent and professional.

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Or there’s Jenny Nicholson’s… “documentary”?


My kid was into the show when it was popular. I took her to two different conventions in KC, and combined with a Planet Comiccon outing, we managed to get autographs of the Mane Six and some side characters. Her mom took her to a dance party at one of them.

Overall they were fun, and everyone seemed pretty cool.

I will say Tabitha St. Germain, who played Rarity (and Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon and a bunch of side characters) is a treat. A true thespian! She was super friendly to the kids who were there.

I don’t think there was any - um - clopping at these events. Which is something I don’t have a problem with per se - except when you have a mixed aged group of fans, it really needs to be segregated.


Tabitha St.Germain is awesome.

Nerdy MLP:FiM trivia time – Rarity speaks with a “Mid-Atlantic” accent that nobody else – not her family, not the other residents of Ponyville where she grew up, not the social elites of Canterlot she aspires to – uses. It’s a fake accent she picked up in her youth to seem sophisticated, and now it’s just a part of who she is.

In the episode “Simple Ways” Rarity, for reasons too complicated and silly to go into here, presents herself as, basically, a stereotypical hick, complete with an outrageously bad “country” accent. And here’s the best part – her usual accent leaks through when she gets flustered or angry. It’s a marvellous bit of voice-acting, and funny as heck. :smiley:

The fandom’s been unusually good at keeping adult stuff separate. I’m not sure if it’s still ongoing, but there used to be a community-driven effort, Safe Search Wrap-Up, where people googled various characters from the show with safe search active, and reported any NSFW stuff that showed up, so it would get excluded from future search results.


She’s been in a TON of shows as a voice actor. Even cartoons I used to watch back in the day (which I didn’t realize at the time, I should have done better research).

I believe I saw the video someone listed above - the fandom autopsy - showed some large conventions were stuff was more out in the open. IIRC there was self censoring to a degree, but there were still some things in the open I’d not like to expose my kid to. But like I said, other than I think a closed adult portfolio for prints, i don’t think I recall anything like that at the local cons.

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