Exclusive Interview: "My Little Pony: Make Your Mark" star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

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So did Netflix poach all their animators from Dreamworks?

I dunno if I will be going on this ride for the new generation, but I did like Lauren Faust’s Friendship is Magic series. I would watch it with my kiddo, but I really liked some of the episodes. It was cool John de Lancie was Discord.

Going to a couple Bronie conventions and one Comic Con, we were able to get the Mane 6 pony’s signatures. (Some play more than one character) as well as some other support characters.


I watched Friendship is Magic with my kids, and I enjoyed it too. It was well written, and made tons of money on top of that. I don’t understand why they keep doing these poor (in my opinion) reboots to good series.

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Seems like this should be marked as an advertisement, or promotional piece.

They’re not, really.

MLP: Make Your Mark is not a reboot or remake of Friendship is Magic (just as that wasn’t exactly a redoing of the previous generations of My Little Pony). It’s another take on ponies and friendship and all that, but it’s a separate thing of its own.

I got a chance to watch the new special and it does right by Friendship is Magic.

It’s a really fun new take that expands on the lore. I wouldn’t call myself a brony, but I did dig on some Friendship is Magic back in the day. This is a worthy successor.


Probably for the best that the Ponies’ distinguishing derriere tattoos are canonically referred to as “Cutie Marks” instead of “Tramp Stamps.”

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If the big content makers and merchandise sellers could get away with a quick re-package and re-sell of old content every 5-10 years for a new generation of children, then they’d be doing that more than are now.

Fads often come in cycles every 10 - 20 years, but normally you cannot take an old TV show for kids and just re-air it for a younger generation, and have it still be a success.

If that was the case, I’d like for them to re-broadcast this show


LOVED that show as kid.

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How it ended on the finale with the cancellation.

Unfinished stories tend to stick with me, like Earth 2 (1994) just ended where it did.

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Yeah. But, if the Simpsons could drag on for 35 years, Friendship is Magic could have at least done ten years!:joy:
Also, I would definitely watch more Captain Power! It never got the recognition it deserved.

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I checked the special out with my youngest, since she loved the A New Generation movie so much. Very interesting that they pivoted to Zipp as the main character, and with the full cast change it works out because Ramakrishnan has the most standout voice of them all. As soon as it was done, my daughter asked for the next episode. In absence of that, she demanded to watch the show again.

Interesting to note that she and her older sister have both been exposed to Friendship is Magic, but there’s something about this iteration of the franchise that they’d rather see. I know some in the thread have said why bother with a new version of MLP, but that’s really why. Expand the net by making something new while keeping the overall message the same.


You must be new here if you think the Authors don’t regularly post about wonderful things that interest them.

Wrong place to be if you just want the news. Sorry.

I´m just glad that there will be more pony.
I really loved “Friendship is Magic”, I was okay with it´s ending as there had ben some flanderisation in the last 2-3 seasons. After the special I really have some great hopes for the new show. I like that it is in the same universe as FIM, only a uncertain time (Centuries? Millenia?) later. It would be interesting to see what happend, how magic was lost, how there was this schism betwen the three pony races, especially as Equestria was this quasi utopian society at the end of FIM. I would be very happy if those questions qould be answered to deepen the lore of the universe.

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There Will Be Gushing, there was an interview or something back there. Things blowing up, drama happening, image credits given but no show credit spoilers, decisions to cut (block in?) promo images at 740p instead of 8k, skip the chatroulette shroom sesh, the part where they draw on each other with copics, stuff like that.

Haha. I’ve been reading BoinBoing since at least 2007. I have respect for Devin, and all the contributors, but this particular article doesn’t seem to have anything of Devin’s personality in it. It is dry and topical between the quotes with no personal anecdotes or observations, and it just feels like a carefully worded promotional piece.

We clearly mark promotional (or store) posts. Everything else is up to the win of the Author. I’m personally happy Devin choe to cover this particular Wonderful Thing, as the culture of young women is overlooked and dismissed in the best of days.

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I agree with you as far as coverage of young women’s issues. I also want Devin to know that I do enjoy his contributions to BoingBoing. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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