Powerpuff Girls return, but original voice cast is peeved they were left behind

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The reaction from the old voice actors is appalling, especially consider Tara Strong has previously attacked previous generations of My Little Pony while talking about the reboot she’s a part of.

Christ, what assholes.


The cost of those three voice powerhouses compared to these unknowns is probably 10 to 1. I do find it unfortunate, but all three of them are monsters now in the voice acting world and their fees have to be so much higher than these 10 year olds they hired.


Did they re-hire Tom Kane? Just curious, he is a local boy. I think bringing back the old actresses would have been nice.

By all reports /everyone/ except the three main characters are the same as before.

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Let we forget… this is the actual original episode, before it got picked up by the corp. All three girls voiced by one person.


That’s probably true, and saving on production expenses is way more important than getting the right talent, if you want to maximize short-term profits.

Yeah, it sucks to be replaced, but I like the sound of the new voices, I say bring in some new talent!

If we were talking about low/middle class wage earners being replaced and losing their jobs I’d have much more sympathy, but for actors on a show, not so much.

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But will they show Sara Bellum’s face in the new episodes?

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The new ones seem very well suited for the job though.

Its disconcerting how their heads bob around so much!

Not sure I like the hint of southern drawl for Buttercup, but I’m sure the new voice actors will do a fine job. I’m glad to see it back in production, and am excited to see some new episodes.

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