Live-action "Powerpuff Girls" in the works

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Will they have fingers and toes? I would resent not having fingers and toes more than losing my childhood. Also, I would have surgery to make my eyes normal size.


The whole “resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting” so does not fit in with the actual PPG series. They had a good childhood, and Professor Utonium was trying really hard to be a good father to the girls. This is just “darker and edgier” for no good purpose.


But imagine if they committed far enough to give them CGI Alita: Battle Angel eyes through the entire series!

Me, I’d like a nod toward Bubbles’ talk-to-animals power.

Scene: Fringes of an outdoor party in the woods.
Chad: “Wow, it must be incredible to talk to animals!”
[Both listen to birds and insects chirping for a moment. Chad leans in and attempts to sneak an arm over Bubbles’ shoulders.]
Bubbles: “Nah… They’re all just trying to get laid.”
[Bubbles elbows chad a bit too hard. He doubles over, wheezing.]
Bubbles: “Just like you.”

Or something like that, but actually good.


This is a really really bad idea. An even worse idea than rebooting the cartoon without McCracken was.


this time they’re ALL Buttercup.


So, Powerpuff girls, but without the salty/sweet blend of biting humor and bubblegum fun that comes with the inherently fun idea of preschool-age girls wreaking super havoc on supervillians and public property? Also without the unique, slick, graphic animation style? So really just rooting around in the old IP mines to see what can be slapped onto otherwise un-marketable scripts? I mean, I get it. Powerpuff fans are now jaded 20-somethings, so something something parallels. Somehow I doubt raiding and exploiting their nostalgiac IP in a sad attempt to relate to their very real lives is going to “reach” them.


HIM “Oh, Mr. Quackers, am I the only one who hates those miserable little brats?”

Amen. “I was loved, well cared-for, never hungry, never cold, healthy, good-looking, popular, super strong, could fly, and spent time with my family helping others. But I just wanted a normal childhood!”


Some of us are more like jaded 50-somethings, but I get your point.


Trivia: in the original short film that was adapted into the Powerpuff Girls as we know them, the secret ingredient that imbued them with powers (along with sugar, spice and everything nice) wasn’t “Chemical X.” It was “Whoopass.”

Maybe this new version will return them to their roots.


I’ll be 40 next year, and am clearly jaded specifically about my Powerpuff nostalgia :wink:

ETA: and also, kids who were 8 in 1998 are now 30, damn.


Nah. It’s disturbing enough to see a “live action” style Homer Simpson even without the eyes being proportional to what the animated version has. I do not want to imagine what Powerpuff-size eyes would look like on a human actor.


Ace from the Gangreen Gang became the Gorillaz fill-in bass player when their regular bass player went to jail. It’s a lot more interesting use of the IP than yet another gritty reboot.


I always found it amusing that the Powerpuff Girls and the Gorillaz exist in the same narrative universe.

A new animated series or even feature film in that setting could be a lot of fun, especially if they throw in some Tank Girl for good measure.


ADHD speculated on this quite a while back.

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Actually, Powerpuff “hands” and “feet” (which can act like clubs) are much better for bashing bad guys around.


Mmmmm I am not really sure how well that would translate into the “real world”.

Some things are better left animated.

But hey, 4 years too late I made a thing (pre-covid hair)

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The trio were called The Whoopass Girls in the original, too.
Cartoon Net didn’t think “whoopass” woiuld go over well with parents so they required the changes for the series.
I like the change to Powerpuff in the end because it imbibes sweet girliness from the get-go to juxtapose with their whoopassness.