It's time to stop the Powerpuff Girls

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Clearly he’s never seen Powerpuff Girls Z.


That brief moment during the last episode where they just had the tiny clip of the original PPG flying by in a universe hopping segment.

I wish I didn’t. Aging up the Powerpuff girls past Kindergarten is just plain wrong.

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The original powerpuff girls cartoon makes me laugh like an idiot to this day, I’m not disappointed that the new cartoon does not hold a candle to it but I am sad on behalf of the children who have to accept it as their new standard. Or I suppose they could just watch Regular Show or Adventure Time.


They predicted the horror back then…


I didn’t care for Rugrats “The College Years” or whatever it was called but the episode of original Rugrats when Tommy and Chuckie were adults was brilliant.

“What Big People Do”


If you payed attention to Buttercup and bothered to check what happened after this clip, you’d realise that this is making fun of the modern fad.
The panda is a villain that is making them act stupidly.

It is so obviously making a point a point against stupid modern fads.

Think! Don’t just take something on surface value, out of context and presume you know the intent.

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