Watch: Bartkira (Akira meets The Simpsons)


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What would be the best substitute for the giant demonic teddy bear? A Krusty doll would be ideal, but he might be better suited for some other role. Perhaps just a giant Life in Hell rabbit.


Oh! Bartkira is a very cool project, i wonder how far they’ve got with the comic. There are more than a few awesome images from it doing the rounds.


The katakana over the title are so perfect - Baato-kira!


I’m waiting for “Ghost in the Simpson”


Oh my God this is so amazing!


the Milhaus/Tetsuo, Bart/Kaneda dynamic is pretty apt.


MORE! Must have MORE!


That’s gotta be the understatement of the century right there. It’s like a perfect match (disregarding them both being orphans…)


Bobo. Not the sheriff, the bear!


I was thinking, for the triad of creepy toys we could have Itchy as the bear, scratchy as the rabbit, and Poochie as the car.


I’m reading the manga at right now. Sorry work projects! I’ve found something far more important to enslave every waking minute to.


Ah, but of course, there they are at 1:22. The car looks much the same, though. (Perhaps the school bus would be appropriate?)

#14 - Three vols at the moment with three more on the way so far.


I dunno, Otto Mann and the school bus seem appropriate enough, what with Otto’s drug-induced issues with perceived scale.

Also, I’m very pleased that in the Manga they cast Laura Powers as Kei. It’s a perfect match, and Laura really brought out the best in Bart compared with his numerous other girlfriends in the show. Just like Kei brought out the best in Kaneda.


Attack on Lisan?
Mar Geass?
Homer Bebop?
Maggie’s Gait?

Fusion, people. Fusion.


I’d totally watch the hell outta Homer Bebop. It actually works! 24 of 26 episodes end with the bounty getting away or a “wanted alive” bounty dead. Quite the pile of D’Oh!


Samurai Apu
Dragon Ball Maggie
Moe Eater
Big D’oh!
D’oh! Speed Homer, D’oh! Speed Homer…

Did you ever want to play questions?

This is spookily well made.


Very cool, Lisa as Kyoko cracked me up.
Why Bartkira though, Bart´s role is Kaneda not Akira?
Ralph Wiggum as Akira would be sweet.