Transmedia Remixing: My Attempt at Rethinking Samurai Jack as Gonzo SF Lit

Hidey Ho, Happy Mutants!

I’ve been a fan of Samurai Jack since waybackwhen, and recently got a chance to watch an episode from the first season. That fateful night, in a tiny apartment, an idea was born. One that would ring through the ages. Ok, not really. But! Maybe someone here will find this interesting? Idk. Anyway. I decided to start a fanfiction project based on Samurai Jack. I’ll pick 20 of my favourite episodes from the four seasons, watch them, and write exactly what I see and hear as a story. This means word-for-word dialogue, some environmental sounds, but not music. I will then publish said stories as free-as-in-Freedom-and-Beer Leanpub titles. The first installment is out, titled Samurai: The Beginning. Next up: Season 1, Episode 7.

To the number 19!

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Color me interested. Granted a large part of Samurai Jack’s appeal is the animation style but it really does have interesting writing. It’ll be interesting how it translates to page.

I note the next one is the three blind archers.

Please tell me you’re going to do the the ultrabots (robots tough enough that jack needed power gauntlets (and later an assist from the gods/aliens/higher beings to be strong enough to break)

Jack vs the portal guardian

The mountain king

And you bloody well better put the scotsman episodes in throughout, those were brilliant.

Gee i’m not asking too much am I? /s

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Cool, @singletona082. Hey, you’re really getting this. Those are the ones! The scotsman episodes are, hands down, some of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever watched. I’m definitely doing the ultrabots and the mountain king. You know, what? I’ll just go ahead and push the entire list you’ve given me onto my to-watch stack, since you asked first. Note that (and I think you already know this), as a reader of a work of serial fiction, you do get to pick what I write next. If you like, we can discuss the stories as I make progress on them, so please sign up for the mailing list. Promise I will not spam you. Plus, you get a dedication in the stories you’ve requested.

Also, the woolies and the critchellites.

If there’s anything else you’d like, please ask.


Can’t wait for more!
Gotta get back!
edit: aw hell any of the Scotsman episodes!

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Thanks! The Scotsman episodes are in the pipeline. Just you wait :smiley:

The Scotsman episodes are great (Looking forward to them) Were the lava monster, Spartans (I’d actually rather you not do that one since it’s basically samurai Jack meets 300,) Jack vs Mad Jack (very good early episode,) and the Aku Infection (Seems like a good note to end on since it basically has one gigantic callback to everyone Jack’s helped since being flung into the future so it would give a sort of payoff to all those times Jack’s been in a ‘help person or go to portal’ situation and chosen to stay.)

Another note is to have Jack occasionally get to the portal/mcguffin and it work… just not as Jack intended. Either it only takes him partway into the past… and he’s still in Aku Ruled future, or it sends him FORWARD in time (like the portal Aku was dangling at him in ‘jump good’.) It’d be amusing. Jack being simi mythologized and being jumped around enough to see hints as himself as myth. Nothing outright stated but yea.

I’ve never seen it (sadly) But heard ‘Jack remembers the past’ is pretty good. The one where Aku tries using Jack’s sword I kinda want because just the look on Aku’s face (C’mon his GIANT FLAMING EYEBROWS went out.) Plus there’s Jack in the Mob for the simple fact it’s like the one time Jack knows where aku is, DROPS EVERYTHING, and comes within inches of killing him. That one is important because it would give perspective on why Jack wanders instead of activly hunts… the absolute nanosecond he knows where Aku is that is his target.

Also I want those lion beastmen/aliens because they are one of TWO opponents that jack couldn’t beat at all (the other is the portal guardian.) Why? To show off that even with Jack’s skills and experiance there are still some things that are better than him without being litteral Gods. Plus in the end they gain enough respect for Jack as prey to free him when Aku comes knocking to collect.

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