I was seriously attracted to the human female host of this creepy children's TV show


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Emmy Jo heated up my daydreams.


I wasn’t. But I am now.


It was Miss Hathaway in “Beverly Hillbillies” who did it for me.


Well, from that 2 second shot, it is understandable.

Though really, the question we should be addressing is - what happened to the old zoo? Where are it’s past inhabitants?


That frog scares me.


I was going to say that too, but was worried it might summon it.


That’s a “frog”?! I though it was Crocazilla.


Yeah, I remember this show, but I didn’t remember the costumes being that horrifying. Yikes!


Forget Emmy Jo, can we talk about Henrietta for a minute? Is she single? Does she date outside her species?


NSFW clip


Going by the knee-high socks I think the producer had a type…


Thank you for saving me the trouble of posting that.



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Of course you know that this is an obvious precursor to that Kate Upton commercial.


Oh, God. Scary. I watched this back in the day.

I remember feeling cheated by the line “every day a different show,” when in fact the episodes seemed to repeat a lot.

Freddy’s jaw action is really alarming, like he’s had a bad jaw reconstruction after car accident.

(Looks at IMDB)

Ah! Human hosts were married! Are married! They still run a production company.


Give me Lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers anyday…


Clearly the result of a transporter accident merging Mary Ann and Ginger.



Dude! You shouldn’t post NSFW photos like that swimsuit pic! :wink: