Watch this video of The Cramps' legendary 1978 performance at the Napa State Psychiatric Hospital

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Crank turned.

Thanks POPKIN.

This was on an episode of The Cutting Edge on MTV, back in late '86 or maybe early '87. I would record that show, if/when I remembered. (Last Sunday of each month!) A couple of years later I was watching it again, told a friend about it, and he didn’t believe it (I mean, he believed that I’d seen it – he figured they’d staged it). Now that I think about it, that VHS tape is still in the basement…


Good ole Target Video! I had this one, the DK one, and Z’ev.


Therapy doggos are a close second. :grin:

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Wow. I probably hadn’t thought about The Mutants for 35 years, but what memories remain are fond ones. Thanks.

i didn’t see the Cramps live until the early 90s, and even THEN they were incredible. Lux slowly (literally) deep-throated his microphone several times, then tore it apart with his teeth, howling like a demon the whole time. it was transfixing. i’d never seen anything like it. it was one of the best live concerts i’ve ever seen.


Love it. Also another excuse to tell my story again about seeing Lux jump off the stage and pummel a guy who kept grabbing Lux’s crotch at Bogarts in Cincinnati. Those were the days.


Mad? You call me mad? HAHA
I who have the secret of eternal love?
You call me mad…?

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They didn’t judge the band, and the band didn’t judge them.

Amen to that. If we could all live our lives by this mantra, the world would be a better place.

I saw them in the early 90s too. They were incredible. It wasn’t just a band on a stage, it was an experience.

It’s a mixed memory. I loved them. My girlfriend at the time hated them. We’d been together for a long time, all our friends assumed we’d last forever, but I think this was the first crack. It wasn’t just about the music, it was somehow about everything the music and the band represented. Chaotic weird anarchy. The relationship didn’t last. But I still love a bit of The Cramps. And I still think we all need a bit of weird in our lives.


He was okay in ‘79 with cute high school girls grabbing his crotch though. Commenting for a friend.


That’s 1979 for you.

Ah, bummer, my great-granduncle was there 59 years too soon to see the cramps. Being from a musical family I’m sure he would have gotten a kick out of seeing them!

The Cramps have been getting a lot of play time on my random playlists recently, thanks to me hammering “Like” on all sorts of psychobilly bangers, including stuff from Nekromantix, The Creepshow, The Horrorpops, The Reverend Horton Heat and the the sublime Zombina and the Skeletones.

I particularly like “What’s inside a girl”

Wish I’d had a chance to see them!

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