Watch this vintage horror film's HYPNO-VISTA intro


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I like their graphics.


Surprised it wasn’t a William Castle gimmick.
Looks like it was only used for this one film but Michael Gough looks to be a nice psycho killer.


Well, you should definitely catch this then.

ETA: “Wet with terror”? Antony Balch, you scamp…


All glory to Hypno-Vista!


I wonder if that’s his real name? His accent doesn’t sound like London to me, there’s a bit of something continental. In fact, I wonder if he might actually be Inspector Clouseau.


I at first thought this was ‘Horror Hospital Unplugged’ by Dennis Cooper. Cooper has managed to make transgressive fiction even more icky than before. HHU is relatively tame.


Watching this old film clip is just like being there.


Given his delivery, my money’s on “early experiment in artificial intelligence.”


Any member of the audience who was not been hypnotised by Emile Franchel, in your case the post-hypnotic suggestion to forget the whole thing was clearly a success.


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