Hypnotic horror movie opener

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Not exactly. The clip can be found on Something Weird’s (highly recommended) Monsters Crash the Pajama Party Spookshow Spectacular DVD, but it doesn’t actually come from the film MCtPP. The DVD is full of various clips which relate to movie theater spook shows where there would be a movie or two (or more) and live comedy/horror entertainment between.

In addition to the clips, it contains MCtPP and Tormented, which some may remember from MST3K.

ETA: From the video’s comments: “This was originally the opening to THE VAMPIRE`S COFFIN/ROBOT VS THE AZTEC MUMMY theatrical douuble feature.”

That would be the US release, I should think.


Yeah, I was going to comment that Something Weird sells all sort of interesting old stuff, I think I still have some of their offerings from VCR days.


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