Watch this Wheel of Fortune contestant throw a round with Z, Q, X, and silence so her opponent would win

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Come on down!


Empathy always wins. Why isn’t this concept more universal?


Was curious what branch Nura was in and tried to do some internet sleuthing. Couldn’t find anything but noticed y’all went a little extra French on her name - it’s Nura Fountano


Thank you for the correction!


“What are you doing?” Indeed.


That’s a classy lady.


Good question. Jeopardy even ended their practice of bringing back both contestants if there was a tie. They have a tiebreaker question now, because of course you can’t have two winners. Never mind that they could and sometimes did have two winners for 30+ years.


well played, her. i hope fortune has smiled on her in the intervening years, for her generousity


Of course Sajak had to ask her, in the shitty way he did, because he was absolutely incredulous that another human being could have empathy for another, and want to share. He’s a creep.


I’ve seen contestants guess silly letters in the bonus round, when they guess the right answer before they need to pick more letters. Just a way of showing off.
We’ve also seen players pre-guess the final puzzle, then fill in the remaining letters with their “guesses”.

Lots of ways to play. Some are just marginally more entertaining than others.

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This is how the real world should work. My wife and I talk about this all the time. Once you have a certain amount of money, and we’re being very generous, like maybe a half billion dollars, go away and let someone else have a turn.

We play the lottery all the time so we can go away. All we need is 500 grand and you’d never see us again. All we want is to have enough money to live indoors for the rest of out lives and we’d be happy.

I love this lady.


That was great esp. for Pat’s confusion:


“Say that again for me?”


“Did you say Z?”

“As in Zulu”

“You did say Z…ok…”


get with it, Jeopardy…!


I’d like to hear Steve’s version of what we just saw. It better not feature ideas like, “I totally outplayed that Black lady, who was guessing all kinds of stupid stuff because she clearly didn’t know what she was doing.”

I love her intensely.

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What’s the story with the weird way they yell out their letters? Do they not give them mikes? Sorry, I’m not a USan, and even if I were, I would not watch crappy game shows.

I think it’s to add to the excitement and pace to the show? Otherwise it could be quite quiet.

But like you I was astonished that they still have shows like this. It’s very old-fashioned.

Not saying my country’s media doesn’t have them anymore (honestly couldn’t tell you) but if it does it is not part of the zeitgeist (e. g. nobody on the street could name the host).

Also, Veterans Week creeps me out, but that is a cultural difference that will never be resolved.


I feel bad for her opponent. How embarrassing knowing that the only way you could win a round would be for your competition to throw the match. I would be mortified. Reminds me of the old episode of “King of the Hill” when Hank lost his touchdown record.