Wheel of Fortune contestant incorrectly guesses "chasing tail," Sajak reserves comment

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I’m chasing tail kicking back right now.


i don’t normally like to be the person jumping into the comments to comment on a woman’s looks, but i was curious and looked vanna white up on wikipedia and just realized she’s 62 and wow was i off by a lot

anyways, i can’t tell if she’s in a long term partnership or single from the way the article is written (mentions a divorce, then engagement but no remarriage), but if the latter i think her and keanu reeves should get coffee.

It’s funny to me that Vanna is there to walk across the stage and touch the screen to reveal the letters. At least with the old board she actually had a nominal function.


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Her title is co-host, she is Pat’s equal, and I think her function is much more than just turning a letter - she’s a core part of the show.


So, she didn’t get “Luck be in the air tonight”?


and now i’ve got phil collins stuck in my head


Was that real?

Please tell me that was real :rofl:

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Fucking Cars. (Rule 34)

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Vanna recently took Pat’s spot while he was in the hospital. she stumbled and fumbled for the first day then increasingly got better. when Pat returned she stated to him that it was quite the change and she is not good at interacting with people (I paraphrase of course).

I hate it when a post of mine sounds like MRA drivel, since I am normally feminist, but she is not exactly equal in the way she’s utilized. she was eye candy then we all got used to her and whether she has respect behind the scenes or not she IS a staple and a necessity for the show for sure.

My spouse pointed out to me that although he did say “no comment” he did say something that could constitute as a comment eventually anyways. I so love my robot vulcan cat girl. <3 I just watched the video and its after he shows the money she didn’t win and I forget the comment but uh ya… lawl.

You mean “blood of virgins” I think, not coffee. Anyway, Keanu’s got a gf

While it doesn’t have the “some but not all 'I’s filled in” problem that the version on https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/luck-be-in-the-air-tonight/ has, it seems more likely that someone took that fake and fixed the problem than that this is genuine and someone filled in a couple of letters.

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so she didn’t immeditately succeed at a task she had never performed before, and thus is lesser?

I think she’s more than a booth babe, and that they both dressed her rather elegantly and didn’t zoom in on her body in the way you’d expect if her sole purpose was to please the male gaze. They put her in a classy evening gown most of the time IIRC not a swimsuit.

aw good for him, hopefully he’s less sad now

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Alas, Is not. But never let an untrue fact get in the way of a great story.

Also, people usually pick RSTLNE first, so why skip R, S and L this time?

And who can forget the sports rivalries?


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no just evidence of different jobs. to the point where she implied that she does a job with fewer things to do. and I agree they kept her from being a simple “booth babe”.

hell they made that automatic a while ago. ever since I annoy my spouse by shouting the children’s author name “R. L. Stine” whenever they start the final sequence.