Watch: Toddler and baby gorilla play peek-a-boo through glass at zoo


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Oh man… did that father say “hi monkey” at the end? BIG MISTAKE. He’s lucky it wasn’t a certain orangutan librarian in there.


Came here to make this exact same observation.

Fine man, that ape.



I missed a word on first reading.


Came here to say that.


This isn’t nearly as much fun as the time I watched a jaguar take a very strong interest in a small child running back and forth along its enclosure.


the boy waved goodbye as the two went their separate ways.

I strongly suspect that while the boy went his separate way, the young gorilla hung around for a while longer.


And is still there, while the little human runs free, free as the wind.


I missed it, too, but then I thought about how there’s a pretty good chance that they both pooped.


" It started when the 2 1/2-year-old boy, Isaiah, pounded his chest at the gorilla."

The gorilla wasn’t playing, it wanted to kick the kids ass. I’m sure the kid was smiling, too, and just pissing it off even more.


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