Watch two women compare a century of beauty trends


I keep trying to get my hairdressers to help me bring back the “set” hairdo’s from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s but they don’t even learn how to do those things now. They seem so pretty but I’m sure they’d just seem dated looking if I actually tried it, like I was “Retro chick.” Not having to do your hair every day seems nice, though, even if you do have to be careful around it to keep it looking good all week.

Have you checked the web for tutorials? When I was researching WWII recipes I found some how-tos for rolled hair. They’re not “set” (rationing!), but I was surprised how few bobby pins it took.

People are weirdly short-sighted with regards to “dated”. By which I mean that people really don’t seem to understand that contemporary trends are just as dated as previous ones. Everything is dated!


Oh my goodness! That’s amazing. I am going to try it.

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I have the weirdness that when curls were cool in the 80’s my hair was straight as a board. Now that straight is in, my hair is curly. I can’t win! I suppose that is the point, that I need a hairstylist’s magic whatever the decade.

I still love the beautiful 70’s 'fros for the black ladies the best for their hair. I’m glad the relaxed fro look is in now, but I really liked the style of the 70’s ones a lot.

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Wait … curls were cool in the 80’s? Then why was everyone making fun of my hair? :frowning:

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If it was easy, it had no value :smile:

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Post-war hair rolls have gotta be one of the best haircrafts to learn for minimum effort, maximum effect. I have low patience & skills for lady aesthetics generally, but the few hours I spent with YouTube videos learning to roll mean I can do astonishingly good hair in 10 minutes with a couple of bobby pins now. They’re really easy to make look really good.

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Only if it looked like this - not like my perm which made me look “fuzzy headed” as my friend described it.

or this:

They both look just fine and beautiful at the beginning. This might not be popular to say… but women do all of this hair and makeup for other women, most men really don’t care as long as basic human hygiene in achieved.

Also, 80’s hairdos were waaaay more outlandish than that…

Ah, yes. I don’t actually consider it “curls” if one’s bangs do not make one look like a poodle.
Exhibit A: My actual 80’s hair, circa 1983-4:

Yeah, you say that, but… I have had dates do non-complimentary double-takes when they find out I don’t, for instance, use hair spray or gel. My hairstyle doesn’t need it, either, but it seems at some point, someone drilled “women must put stuff in their hair” into them.

I also make my own day cream – mentioning that can freak people out too. I guess they’re looking for women who have bought into the shopping mall industrial complex.

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The white girls hair from the 2010s looks like the 70s.

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Well, that might be a good metric to measure your dates by. I have no proof, of course, but those men may be worrying how other women judge you, and them by extension.

Can’t remember. Mitch Hedberg? Steven Wright? “This is a photo of me when I was younger.” Response: “Every photograph is a picture of you when you were younger.”


I was eating at Grendel’s Den in Cambridge once when Steven Wright and an associate sat down for dinner next to me. It took me a lot of discipline to not want to listen in on his dinner conversation!

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You didn’t say whether or not you failed. Dish.

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I succeeded!

Dish? I was probably eating my usual of Aloo Chole and their (at the time, at least) excellent salad bar. I don’t know what they were eating.

Prior to 1999 it was a spacious dining hall with fireplaces and amazing ambience. And always packed, only place I always needed a reservation. When the block got renovated they gave up the upstairs and just kept the bar downstairs, less than 1/4 the size. And even this was closed for a year or so. I miss it so much! But, alas, I no longer live in that area, and don’t know if Steven Wright does either.

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Oh that is too cute. You need more spray for the mall hair effect - it was very popular in our area.

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