Men's coiffures from the 1960s and 1970s


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Show this to anyone that disavows evolution.


These were actually day-before-yesterday’s cool haircuts, which then became yesterday’s uncool haircuts, which then became today’s cool haircuts, which will then become tomorrow uncool haircuts.


I’m reminded of this classic press conference.

Who knew there were so many variations of the Kentucky Waterfall?

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Hey! I resembled that remark!

(I was just a bit too young to properly appreciate the 60’s. Not so young that I wasn’t influenced by the period, or don’t remember it with some fondness. And some perplexity; did I really enjoy having wet hair freeze in winter as much as I now recall?)


Obscure Duran Duran (the music, not the hair)?

I still sport these styles today only I moved the party “downstairs” if you know what I mean…

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Fancy-pants pants hair, eh? Would a truly 'murkin merkin be a mullet, one wonders?


When it’s really cold I often reminded of leaving the YMCA and heading up the brick paved alley towards home, and getting a pretty good view of the winter sky from the dark alley, and wondering what the constellation Pleiades was called, then heading home as my hair froze.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

I recall contending with my mother over the length of my hair. All my classmates had long(ish) hair and my mother wanted me to have a buzz-cut, and I felt that I’d fit in better (i.e.: be a better conformist) by having long hair. She won for a long time.

I gave up long hair sometime during college when I realized what a nuisance hair freezing in Michigan winters was, and when I found myself closing my eyes (and feeling sleepy) when the hair kept falling into my eyes.

Frankly, keeping long hair looking (and feeling) good just means that you have too much time or money (if you’re a man.) My sympathies go out to women who feel they can’t wear short hair. When I was growing up, mean had to cope with the brutality of the military draft and football, and women had to cope with skirts, long hair, and child birth. Men’s life has improved a little - Women’s, not so much.

Skirts are actually quite comfortable in in a number of situations (like hot summer days). There’s a reason some men have turned to the UtiliKilt.

They’re not so great on cold winter days though.

Yes, this is why most of us have two entirely separate wardrobes if we live in northern climes. If I lived in Florida, there’d be precious few days that I’d be wearing pants.

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Even better on the really hot days? Cheap silk skirts made from recycled saris. My aunt got a bunch of them for $10/each. I’ve got like 4 of 'em. As she says, "it’s like you’re wearing nothing.

Sorry, kids, drifted super OT there…

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Oh yes they are: leggings or tights under a long skirt made of fleece or wool is like wearing gloves under mittens.

What you’ll never catch me wearing on sub-zero days is jeans. Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and if they get wet, too long to dry. And as the joke goes about Levi’s first product during the Gold Rush: two sizes, too big and too small.

To get back on topic, I believe I’ve dated men with every one of those hairstyles. None who wore a UtiliKilt though – I think I’m too old for the intended market – but real kilts, sure.

Wow, America has really fallen down in the mustache game over the last 30 years.

I am a fan of facial hair, and I get to see some nice beards out here in the Midwest, but I almost never see really tremendous 'staches like this fine example.

Homebrew supply store in Ann Arbor: home to all these facial hair styles, and more. And that’s just the staff.